VWE-5R Solar Panel

. Ideally suited for a motorhome or large caravan. This 12v 120w solar panel is powerful enough to keep your battery charged over long periods away without starting the generator or plugging in to an external source. Comes with MC4 connectors so they are easily added to a string and protected from the wet weather. MCS certified, fully weather proof and professionally made with high quality components. UK Summer conditions generation 84ah per day. Worst winter conditions generation 6ah per day. In most applications you will require a charge controller to regulate the flow of energy into the battery.

  • Panel Size 670mm(w) x 1150mm(h) x 35mm(d)
  • Weight 10kg
  • Peak Power: 120w
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 23.4V
  • Short Circuit Current: 5.45A
  • Max Power Voltage: 22.0V
  • Max Power Current: 5.45A
  • Max System Voltage: 1000VDC
  • Part No. VW455E
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