SNV-7W Solar Panel

Other quality and safety features include a copper foundation, heavy-duty aluminium alloy frames with corner protectors, a waterproof MPPT regulator, high structural integrity tempered glass, adjustable standing fee and built-in overcharging protection. To reduce the drop in power due to shade and low light environment, a bypass diode enables the panels to maintain its solar absorption with minimal disruption. The panels carries German TUV certification for quality and reliability and has a 25-year warranty

  • 250W folding solar panel
  • Trinocular Head
  • 7Monocrystalline cell technology
  • Heavy-duty aluminium alloy frame with corner protectors
  • Built-in overcharging protection
  • High structural integrity tempered glass
  • Adjustable standing feet
  • German TUV certification
  • Part No. SN864V
  • Available In Stock
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